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About Me

I was always under the impression that my artistic passion was solely in photography, but that all changed when I was gifted an oil painting class at the Lawrence Arts Center.

I entered my first session with excitement and trepidation, as I’d never even attempted to paint with oils. We were given a few basic colors and palette knives. As some of you may know, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Due to this, my first few attempts were a bit stiff but, still, I was having fun!
As the class progressed I learned to let go a little and color outside of the lines. It didn’t have to be perfect and that was a good feeling.

In my final class my instructor gave me some good advice that has stuck with me, whether he meant it to be advice or not. He told me “You start with shit, end up with something pretty good.”

Painting has helped me to find joy, face my fears and has given me an outlet for whatever mood I’m in.  
Through this medium, I’m learning to take the shit life throws at me, and turn it into something pretty good. 

There’s a Navaho tradition within their rug weavers called ‘ch’ihonit’i’ which translates to English as ‘spirit line’. The Navajos believe that when weaving a rug, the weaver entwines part of herself, and therefore part of her own imperfections, into the cloth.  This spirit line allows this trapped part of the weaver’s spirit to safely exit the rug. I hope in seeing some of the imperfections that I have weaved into my paintings you will see that I put part of myself, flaws and all, into each one. 

With my palette knife in hand, I am learning to relish in the very wise words of my daughter:
“I don’t know what I’m doin’ but here goes nothing!”

I am blessed to live in a community so rich in the arts. Thank you LFK!

I would like to thank my friends and family for their endless encouragement and support. 

For additional artwork, please visit @annreaneyart on Instagram! 

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